When people hear the word recruiter, they usually think of a sport recruiter or even a military recruiter, but in the job market, a recruiter is simply a person who matches employees, or “talent”, to companies’ positions. Recruiting teams work directly with companies that have new or emerging career opportunities and the recruiters act as a bridge between those companies and potential candidates.


What are the advantages of using a job recruiter?  


There really are a lot of very strong reasons to use a job recruiter.  We are going to highlight the following advantages;


1. Access 

Job recruiters have a large database of positions that need to be filled. There are two huge advantages to this: Normally, these positions are not readily available to the public and on top of that, the recruiter will act as a direct connection to the hiring managers overseeing these positions, saving you time (a lot of it). 


2. Recruiters want you to get the job

 The recruiter’s job is to build a reputation for finding good, accurate talent for a company while also becoming a trusted career adviser for you, the candidate. If they can do this consistently, it is a win-win for the company, the recruiter and most importantly, you!


3. The power of the database

Recruiting companies keep a list of all of their candidates (talent) to use for future positions. Even if there is not an open position for you right now, there very well may be in the future. It never hurts to add yourself into the database. It is free and an excellent door to advancing your career. 


What is your cost?


As you saw above, there are many positive reasons to work with a recruiter. If enough benefits weren’t listed earlier, here is another. Working with a recruiter will cost you nothing more than your time. This whole thing may sound too good to be true but the facts are simple. Companies have open jobs and it can be difficult to find employees to fill them. Recruiters are the solution and only win if you do as well. 


What steps do you need to take for more information?

My next blogs will give you information about the recruiting process. For now, the most important step that you can take to obtain more information is to sign up at so that a recruiter can contact you about a possible career upgrade.