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We could talk about ourselves for days, but we’d rather let others do the talking for us:

"Their prompt response to my inquiries and their post-interview followup to determine my next steps definitely set them apart from other recruiters that I have worked with during my job hunting process. I would highly recommend Blue Chip Talent as an asset to have if you are on the hunt for a new opportunity."

– Alex N.

"Blue Chip Talent is the type of recruiting company that seasoned professionals will need to find their next opportunity. Buzz words and keyword searches will get you lost in a landfill. They eliminate that."

– Allen H.

“I appreciate the interview coaching and advice. While I have been involved interviewing many candidates over the years, it can be quite different being the interviewee. The follow-ups have been much more than I expected, in a positive sense, and I appreciate it."

– Chris H.

“Blue Chip Talent is an absolute pleasure to work with. I can tell they are dedicated to the position and their responsibilities which seems a bit rare based on what I've heard about, and my brief experience with the industry. I find it super valuable that they’re obviously not just looking at a list of experiences vs. requirements, but rather a balance between that sort of hard information and soft information such as personality and how well I would fit into a culture.”

– Christian R.

“Blue Chip Talent has been simply amazing! Helped me in my job hunt from the get go. Very professional, thorough and transparent!”

– Daniel A.

“Blue Chip Talent is an exceptional company. In my 6 weeks of searching for a new position, I've talked with a dozen recruiters and I put Blue Chip Talent at the very top of the list. Their knowledge of the industry and current needs, the process for how positions get filled, their ability to understand and connect with job seekers, and their thoroughness in follow-up is unmatched in my experiences with other recruiters. I came away from my meeting with her feeling very positive about the experience and confident in how Blue Chip Talent can support me in my career pursuits.

– William S.

“Blue Chip Talent was knowledgeable, friendly, and always had time for me. They did things and always called back and made sure I was getting the job I wanted along with the right pay. I loved working with their recruiter and I highly recommend it.”

– John D.

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