Continuing our campaign to support women in business, this week’s BCT Women Wednesday features Sr. Account Executive Mari Jo. Bringing 20 years of industry experience to Blue Chip Talent, Mari Jo has acquired various skills and knowledge that have proven to be valuable during her seven months with the company.



Overall, being a businesswoman makes Mari Jo feel strong, empowered, and self-sufficient. With this confidence, she reminds others that it is not so much the circumstances in life that you should focus on, but rather how you approach those circumstances. “Your attitude defines you. When you choose how to react to a situation that is not in your control, you take control!”


Building off this emphasis on attitude, Mari Jo also claims that “integrity trumps everything.” She understands that honesty and staying true to one’s values are extremely important, both within and outside of the workplace. This is the greatest lesson Mari Jo has learned from her business career and something that everyone should be mindful of.


On a parting note, here are some final words of encouragement that Mari Jo would like to share:

“Yesterday is the past—the time is NOW!”