As a recent graduate from Central Michigan University, Julia W. majored in Public Relations and was a member of the ZTA sorority. She then joined Blue Chip Talent last June as a Jr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, saying, “I love the grind that is involved with staffing. That, in itself, is a huge motivation for me. A current goal, as of right now, would be to get my first start.” Acknowledging the supportive and encouraging nature of the team, Julia has had a great experience at BCT, specifically noting the volunteer event with Miracle League as a highlight.


So far from her career path, Julia has learned that although things will go wrong and times will get tough, “keeping a positive mindset and working hard will bring you great things with time.” She understands that everything happens for a reason, reminding herself that everything will work out in the end. Because of this, Julia encourages others to stay driven and always work towards bettering yourself. In fact, she is not just a huge advocate of self-improvement, but also of self-care. She would even write a book titled Treat Yourself on how to take care of yourself selflessly. A few of the ways in which Julia practices this include running, working out, and cooking, which serve as stress relievers during her day.




Reflecting on who has made a positive impact on her life, Julia identifies her mother as her role model. “She is such a hardworking woman and I aspire to be just like her.” This has motivated Julia to stay determined and work hard, especially at the office.


Here are some final thoughts Julia would like to share based on her experiences:
“C.S. Lewis said, ‘It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.’ This resonates with me because I have been learning how to be an adult lately. Things are harder than they once were, and I’m learning how to juggle all the things that life throws at you. This quote reminds me how to handle my circumstances—they don’t affect me unless I let them affect me.” Julia has come to take control of the situation, leading her to ultimately feel empowered as woman in business.