Caitlin is an IT Talent Acquisition Specialist and has been with Blue Chip Talent for 1.5 years. When it comes to motivation, Caitlin has always wanted to get into sales, and she believes recruiting is the right path to lead her there. She is also largely influenced by her father, who has owned his own business for almost 40 years and made a successful career out of it. Caitlin grew up watching him love what he does, pouring his heart and soul into everything he sets his mind to—and she is very much inspired by this attitude.

So far, the greatest lesson Caitlin has learned from this career is, “Don’t let the lows of this industry bring you down. It’s very easy to have a negative mindset when things aren’t working out, but you have to just move forward and let things go.” There are many positive aspects that make the challenges worth it—especially at BCT. Caitlin’s favorite memories with the company include all the activities the team does outside of business hours. “It’s fun to see everyone in their element,” she says. “We do impromptu happy hours, fowling, golfing, charity work….It’s honestly hard to pinpoint just one.”


Caitlin’s insight is not limited to her career experience, though. Here are some questions we asked to get a better sense of her life beyond the office:

What words of wisdom would you give your younger self?

“Be honest and truthful with yourself in any situation you face and always remember that it’s okay to put yourself first.”

Do you have any funny stories?

“I was the kid who always had freak accidents. I was hit in the head with a hockey stick and had to get stitches, I flew out of a jetboat doing donuts on the water, I dropped a bowling ball on my toe, I slammed my thumb in a steel safe…just to name a few. ‘Knock on wood,’ nothing crazy has happened lately!”

Is there a motivational quote that resonates with you?

“‘The hustle brings the dollar, the experience brings the knowledge, and the persistence brings success.’”

On a final note, here is some advice Caitlin would like to share as a woman in business:

“Follow your gut and make mistakes. Doing something is almost always better than doing nothing. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid of a little trial and error.”